Frequently asked questions


How long does it take before my service is installed?

D&D Network fixed wireless: 5-7 working days from order submission

D&D Network Vuma Fibre: 7-10 working days from order submission

D&D Network Openserve Fibre: 7-10 working days from order submission

D&D Network Netstream Fibre: 7-10 working days from order submission


How is my service biled?

Our services are billed for in advance. This means that when you are debited, you are paying for the next month's service.


are there any pro-rata charges?

Yes, there is, as the service is billed for in advance. These charges will be calculated on the day of your installation and you will be provided with an invoice. Should you have questions in this regard please contact our accounts department. (* Prorata rates are don't apply to capped services.


Which debit order dates do you support?

We allow customers to choose the 1st, 15th & 31st of every month.


Can i stop my service when i go on holiday?

Unfortunately, we do not allow for the temporary suspension of services. We have to continue operating a reliable network, monitoring links, billing etc. regardless of your usage.


My router is showing an orange light/ no internet?

Check if all the cables are connected properly. 

If you are using D&D Networks wireless please check that the POE box that your router is connected to is powered and properly connected. Once this has been done please reboot the router.

If you are using fibre please check that your ethernet cable is properly connected to the white box where the yellow fibre cable is connected to. Is the white box powered up? Once this has been done please reboot the router.


When I scan for my WiFi network name, I am not seeing my selected WiFi name?

Your router may have been defaulted by accident. Please contact our help desk 01 432 6050 to assist you in resetting your WiFi name or follow the user manual that came with your router to set this up again.


How do I check my usage on a capped MYiweb Wireless account?

Please go to the Portal to view your usage statistics.


How do I perform a speed test on my link?

To perform a speed test, please go to Speedtest.net 

1. Please ensure that ALL wireless devices are disconnected from the WiFi - cellphones may be using bandwidth in the background which can skew the results. 

2. Take a laptop or PC and connect it with an Ethernet cable to the router - if this is not possible please position the device you are using to perform the speed test as close as possible to the router. 

3. Run at least five consecutive speed tests selecting a different server for each speed test to get a good average result. 

We do not recommend speed tests to be performed using a mobile phone as the WiFi radio on your mobile phone is small, thus low powered, and may not give an accurate reading. Mobile speed test applications are designed to test mobile network speeds.


What speeds can I expect to get during the peak hours of 6 pm-10 pm?

D&D Network will endeavor to deliver an average of at least 60% of the speed of the service you have selected during peak hours.


One of my devices cannot connect to the WiFi?

If all of your other devices can connect, please contact the vendor of the device that you are having problems with for support.  


What warranty does my router carry?

The router you are supplied with will carry a one year manufacturers warranty against manufacturing defects. This does not include lightning damage or damage caused by poor handling of the device.  


Lightning damage to dish?

The dish that is supplied for wireless internet access is not covered by D&D Network for damage caused by lightning. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the equipment as part of their household insurance. Should your dish be damaged by lightning and is not covered by insurance you will be liable for the replacement of the equipment.  



When relocating, our clients need to notify us at least two weeks before moving. This will provide us enough time to see if your new location is within our coverage area. A migration form will need to be signed. There is a once-off relocation fee (R999) on wireless. Should you have fibre and relocate to an area that has fibre as well, you will be liable for all installation & activation fees. Should you move into an area where D&D Networks will no longer be able to provide a service, normal cancellation terms and conditions apply. This will provide us enough time to see if your new location is within our coverage area. A migration form will need to be signed and there is a once-off relocation fee.  


Can I pause my wireless or FTTH service while I am away?

We are unable to pause your wireless or FTTH service while you are away. Both wireless and FTTH services do not have a pause button. If you are going to be away for more than three months and don't plan to pay, we suggest that you cancel your link, with a calendar notice. Should you wish to reapply for your FTTH service, you will be required to do as a new application and fees might be applicable.